The Animal line

The medals of this line are a stylish representation of this woman explorer’s universe, free, willful and just as independent as her companions: the animals of the forest, the deer, the greyhound or the horse, but also those she will discover during her explorations such as the lioness.

The silhouettes are cut in metal with vivacity and elegance. This resolutely modern line exists only in silver 925 and in 3 formats: 44, 32 or 20.

Each format conveys a different energy. Large model 44: the silhouette is softened by a clover in the top part Medium model 32: purity and delicacy – a model with great sobriety Small model 20: all in silver for the younger set or black enamel to wear with a more relaxed and sporty outfit. This model is worn on a very fine chain or a leather cord choker.

  • Mademoiselle Gaby

    Mademoiselle Gaby

    Silver - 44
  • The Deer

    The Deer

    Silver - 44
  • Silver

    The Horse

    Silver - 44
  • The Greyhound

    The Greyhound

    Silver - 44
  • The Lioness

    The Lioness

    Silver - 44
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