The jewelry craftsman

Intricate craftsmanship for exceptional medals


Gaby LF medals spring out of the expert hands of a French high-end jewelry workshop.
Entering the workshop of these master jewelers is a fairy tale that Gaby LF wanted to offer to her medals and, through them, to her clients.

« If someone asks me which words come to mind when defining the Gaby LF medals, I would say:
« Symmetry and Balance ».

Such are the words of the jeweler who gave life to the medals of Gaby LF in keeping with the sketches provided by the designer.
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Gaby LF, a unique and timeless medal...

A little tour in the lair of the magician:

First step: putting together a collection always begins with a sketch: « Gaby LF gave us hers and we became her hands », such is the lovely explanation of the jeweler.

Let’s take for example the « Chance » line, the most challenging one to make: the general idea was creating lace inside metal.

Second step: The right volume. The research of this subtle dosage between the diameters, thickness of the medals and the finesse of the motifs spanned several months in the jewelry workshop.
Once the volumes were found, seven specimens were necessary before creating the perfect balance.
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Gaby LF, a unique and timeless medal...

Third step: the prototype which served as reference for each creation.

Fourth step: fine-tuning the hand cut-outs of the jewelry piece. All the medals are made from new metal. In case the product is refused, the jeweler craftsman will not work again with the gold and silver melted in his workshop, these metals will be transformed again. Thus the metals used are guaranteed: yellow gold 750, or silver 925.
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Gaby LF, a unique and timeless medal...

The medals, gold and silver, including those that are not inlaid with a stone, were worked on in a «high-end jewelry manner » and not just plain « jewelry », reserved for fantasy. « The polishing is done by crossing at low speed our passages of the medal on the machine, specifies the jeweler, in order to massage the metal and give it this shine and resistance that will last in time. »

All the medals have been punched even the ones in 925 silver.
Only the workshop is enabled to punch, which allows the jeweler to have an ultimate control of the finished product.

Gaby LF offers you a timeless medal: a promise of eternity.

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